Thursday, November 13, 2008

The 'over' post

Ok, so I got tagged to do an 'over' post.
What is an 'over' post, you ask? Well, it is a post that says a little bit about you in a unique way.
So, here goes:
cowboy hats OVER baseball hats
short fingernails OVER long
vintage OVER brand spankin' new
heart OVER head
organization OVER chaos
shoes OVER purses
typing OVER writing
water OVER soda (and, yes, I say 'soda')
shopping at a store OVER shopping online
turkey OVER ham
live theater OVER movie theater
real moments OVER staged
dramatic shots OVER safe shots
autumn OVER spring
breakfast OVER dinner
sudoku OVER crosswords
skirts OVER pants
jeans OVER skirts
Super8film OVER HD
black mascara OVER brown
spontaneous OVER planned
driving OVER flying
glasses OVER contacts
pencils OVER pens

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