Monday, November 10, 2008

A few more ... for good measure

A few more ... for good measure
I wanted to post a few with mom and dad in them too (now that I got the 'ok') - believe it or not, some parents don't want to be on the blog! Jess and Steve are not one of them though! :)

If this next shot had audio, you would hear a song from Dora the Explorer!

This next shot is great! I am doing photos of Jessica and Steve, and as I'm looking through the eyepiece, I see their kids racing up the sidewalk! I think it is a good representation of their life :)

This next one ... I love because this is how Jessica is ALL THE TIME. Rarely do you ever see her not smiling or laughing. This shot makes me smile :)

Steve asked for a few photos of Jessica ... shots in which she totally rocked it out!

And since he made Jess get in front of the camera by herself, we made HIM do it too!

Thanks guys for a fun session!

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Carter's Corner said...

Thanks Neysa...we had great time with you also. Cant wait for all my friends to see your fabulous pics. Jess