Monday, March 30, 2009

Lauer and Stephen's engagement

Lauer and Stephen's engagement

Lauer and Stephen found me through some friends whose wedding's I had photographed in the past as well as some that I am photographing this year. I met with Lauer and absoloutely adored her. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. I didn't get to meet Stephen until the engagement shoot and was just as impressed by him. He has such a fun personality ... full of humor that kept Lauer and I laughing the whole time. Without further ado ... here are some of my favorites from their session ...

I love Lauer's laugh ... it comes from deep down and just lights up her whole face!

We were out on a bright sunny day and I love the light on this one. They really popped off the background.

Stephen wanted a photograph with their church in the background ... and I chose to put up this one with the kiss. Mostly because I am a hopeless romantic :) I do love the way the steeple of the church is the highest point in the background.

I love the city in the background.

Nice light ...

a little backlighting ...

Lauer and Stephen, I can't wait for the wedding! It was such fun working with you two!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have to say that the Facebook wave that has taken over the nation hasn't completely passed me by. Everywhere I turn, I get asked "Are you on Facebook?" Then the dreaded question of "Why not?" I guess the real truth is ... I don't know. If it makes anyone feel any better, I was also one of the last people in the free world to get a cell phone as well as get rid of the rabbit ears on my television. So, my adaptive phase is definitely getting shorter.

I have been one of THOSE people ... you know the ones. The ones who thought Facebook was a phase that would 'phase' out. The ones who believed that Facebook was something that would take up toom much of my precious free time.

The interesting thing is ... I am starting to believe that I actually spend more time telling people why I am not on Facebook than it would take to just sign up and give them my page. The truth is I am not exactly looking forward to learning all of the FB lingo and trying to sound witty on my 'wall' when I post what I'm up to.

My husband has a page, my daughter has a page, almost all of my friends have pages, so what am I waiting for exactly? Well, if I was waiting for Real Simple magazine to lay it all out for me and tell me to get with the program, then the wait is over. I am now officially BEHIND the times. My latest issue of Real Simple had a 4 page article on Facebook. Let's face it, RS isn't exactly known for being on the cutting edge of new technologies - so, if they are already turned on to FB, I had better kick it in gear.

I'll keep you posted on my FB progress.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Training

Spring Training
Reds vs. Blue Jays
I had to post a few photos from one of the spring training games we went to. Not a ton, but I did like getting a few shots of the stadium before we move to Az. Everything in Siesta Key has that laid back, aging, coastal town feel which I loved. So, I left the images a bit desaturated to help convey what it felt like to me.

We won!

Here is a view of the stadium from the lot we parked in. For those of you who haven't been to spring training before, this gives you a good idea of the area the stadium is located in.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photo of the day

Photo of the day

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in town ...

Back in town

So I am back from a fantastic vacation on Siesta Key! I had such a great time there that I wasn't ready to come home!

We normally vacation on HHI, but this year we were invited to share a house with some friends in Florida and we jumped at the opportunity. While I didn't do a whole lot of shooting, I did get some fun shots. Here are a couple from the sunset we caught one evening ...

I'll be updating again soon with more pics ...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Out of Office

Our office will be closed until March 15. I hope everyone has a great week! All emails and phone calls will be returned on or shortly after March 16th.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tessa and Nick's maternity

Tessa and Nick's maternity shoot

The other day I had the opportunity to do another maternity session with a great couple. I have worked with some of their friends and was referred by them. As I've mentioned before, referrals are the highest compliment I can get so, needless to say, I was flattered when Tessa called me.

We had such a great session and I loved that Nick wanted to be in the photographs as well. We made so many photographs, but these are just a few that stood out to me.
Here is Tessa looking absolutely adorable ...

and, while I know this was a maternity session, I just had to sneak one in with just the two of them together ... with my own spin and some overlays for an artistic twist.

some different lighting ... and a beautiful mom-to-be ...

I love the tube top!

Poor Nick didn't know we were going to have him do any shots with his shirt off ... but he was such a good sport ... and it added even more of an 'art edge' to the images. These two rocked these last photographs ...

one word ... gorgeous ...

Tessa and Nick, I had such a great time with you two! Congratulations and I hope to get to meet the little man when he makes his debut! Thank you both (or all three of you) for a great session!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Looking back to May 2008

Looking back to May 2008
Lane and Kara

Carrie and Jeremy

Hubbell and Jeff