Monday, June 8, 2009

TO DO LIST: 2009

So, yet again this year, I am going to post my 'to-do' list for everyone to keep track of where they are in the photo process. I did it last year and I think it worked out well - so here goes:

Jamie and Matt's wedding - DONE
Amanda and Nick's wedding - DONE
Jessica and Landen's wedding - DONE
Leisa and Christian's engagement - DONE
Ron and Sandy's wedding - DONE
Reena and Michael's engagement - DONE
Rachel and Jonathan's wedding - DONE
Patrick's senior session - DONE
Lillian's session - DONE
Katie and Marshall's wedding - DONE
CincyChic - DONE
Alisha and Brian's wedding - DONE
Gretchen's maternity session - DONE
Lauren and Michael's engagement - DONE
Holly and Jon's engagement - DONE
Chambers Packer Studio shoot - DONE
Robin and Jay's wedding - DONE
Claudia - DONE
Young family - DONE
Susan's headshots - DONE
Sarah and Mike's wedding - DONE
Tara and Mark's engagement - DONE
Christina and Tim's engagement - DONE
Harper's 1 mos session - DONE
Ali's senior session - DONE
Madeline's 2 year session - DONE
Emerson's newborn session - DONE
DHR Music store session - DONE
Reuss family - DONE
David and Crystal's engagement - DONE
Becky and Mark's wedding - DONE
Lindsay and Bryan's engagement - DONE
Laura and Andy's engagement - DONE
Heekin family - DONE
Giddy Ink - DONE
Cincy Chic Sept09 issue - DONE
Susan and Grant's wedding - DONE
Kelly and Jeff's maternity session - DONE
Hibbard family - DONE
Allie's senior session - DONE
Brad and Leslie's wedding - DONE
Liz's model portfolio - DONE
Becca and Ben's wedding - DONE
Amy and Collin's wedding - DONE
Reena and Michael's wedding - DONE
Cindy's senior session - DONE
Michelle's senior session - DONE
Chambers-Packer Studio shoot - DONE
Morrow family session - DONE
Katie and Dave's wedding - DONE
Lauer and Stephen's wedding - DONE
Jen and Lance's engagement - DONE
Lauren and Tom's engagement - DONE
Dana and Alan's engagement - DONE
Lucas's 1 year - DONE
Catherine and Jeremy's engagement - DONE
Jen and Tim's wedding - DONE
Liz and Ben's wedding - DONE
Laura and Josh's wedding - DONE
Jessica and Ben's engagement - DONE
Elliott's 1 year - DONE
Kalti family - DONE
Emily and Tim's engagement - DONE
Crystal and David's wedding - DONE
Alya and Andy's engagement - DONE
Foister family - DONE
Holly and Dan's engagement - DONE
Eric and Tina's engagement - DONE
Miranda and Juan's engagement - DONE
Ellis family - DONE
Leisa and Christian's wedding - DONE
Angie's maternity session - DONE
Dailey family - DONE
Caitlin's senior session - DONE
Zilliox family - DONE
Datina and Noah's engagement - DONE
Janelle and Brian's wedding - in process
Meyer/Steele family - DONE
Fermann family - DONE
Laura and Ryan's engagement
Jen and Lance's wedding
CincyChic Decissue - DONE
Marianne's session
Kristi and Jason's engagement
Carter family
Rutter family
Wilking family
Lauren and Michael's wedding

I'll put a link to this on the right-hand menu bar for easy access.

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