Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Well, once again it is time for us to ring in a new year and I sit here pondering where the current one went. There were so many things that I wanted to get done before this day came, but alas, that's why we get a 'fresh start' every January 1st.
Tonight we decided to have some friends over and so in preparation, I headed over to the best salon in Cincinnati, Chambers Packer Studio for a haircut and style so I'd look beautiful for our guests. Yes, they had their work cut out for them, but it's amazing how good a great haircut and some fabulous makeup (and fake lashes) can make you feel like a million bucks!
We are doing an appetizer menu and I'm headed out to pick up some last minute things that are sure to give at least one of us (me most specifically) a 'muffin top' that will stick around long after the evening ends - ugh.
My husband's big project is an 'ice luge' - yep, I said it. And ICE LUGE for shots.
I have no words.
He also made up some 'exotic' jell-o shots (chocolate covered cherry to name one). It should be a fun and 'interesting' evening. Especially since none of us are 'spring chickens' anymore - ha!
I read in one of my magazines about a fun New Year's Eve tradition where at the stroke of midnight they drink their champagne and then eat 12 grapes - one for each month of the new year. Each sour grape you eat, represents a 'bad' month and every sweet grape, represents a 'good' month. Not that I necessarily believe in this sort of thing ... but I thought it'd be fun anyway!
I do have to say that I'm looking forward to 2009 though. I have a great bunch of brides for next year and I always have a blast getting to know each and every one of my couples.
I also have a couple of new things for next year. I am looking into taking on some new clients for commercial work, selling some of my 'fine art' images, and offering some one-on-one workshops for some VERY patient photographers who've been asking for this for at least a year now!
With all of that said ... I truly hope that we all have a WONDERFUL 2009 and a safe and happy New Year's Eve.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sneak Peek 12.12.08

Sneak Peek 12.12.08

Monday, December 29, 2008



So, what was your favorite gift this holiday?
Well, I'm glad you asked ... I got a Flip!

It is a camcorder that is the size of a cell phone and records video in HD. I am carrying it around with me EVERYWHERE.

No one is safe ;)

So, now I want to know ...

what did you get this Christmas?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jessica and Ryan's wedding

Jessica and Ryan's wedding
Jessica and Ryan had a perfect 'winter wedding' - complete with snow! Ever since I first met these two, I knew their wedding would be a lot of fun! I started out my morning at LaBella (which is right around the corner from my house) and met up with the girls.

Jessica getting her hair done ...

Christina (below) was in a wedding I photographed in February and referred me to Jessica when she found out that they hadn't booked a photographer yet. This is probably the biggest compliment I can get from anyone and it was great to see her again!
Jessica was explaining to her hairdresser that 'the bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus' :) - and, no, she's not from Texas!

getting the veil on ...

Jessica and her mom got emotional after seeing Jessica with the veil and the tiara on ...

I love photographing the makeup being applied ... I'm such a GIRL!

While I was with the girls, Karen spent the morning with Ryan and the guys ...

Ryan getting his tie ... just right.
Yay! shoes!!!!

The girls helping each other put on shoes ...
Getting the dress on!!!

and the garters ...
heading to the church ...

all of the bridesmaids photographing the bride :) - just another day in the life of a rockstar!
Jessica peers out before the ceremony ...
walking down the aisle ...
to her soon-to-be husband!

one of the bridesmaids sang during the ceremony ...

the new Mr. and Mrs!!!!

after a few photos ... we headed to the reception ...

their first dance was the dance from 'Dirty Dancing'!! Such fun!!

a spirited dance with her father ...
a quiet dance with his mother ...
Jessica and Ryan ... I wish you both all the best and a lifetime of happiness! I was so at home at your wedding. Thank you for letting be such an important part of your big day!
another thank you goes out to Karen for being my right hand!!