Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Office Finale

Office Finale
Ok after finally getting everything in my office together, I thought I would post some before/after pictures.
I had a bunch of issues - but here are a few:
1. I had two really big pieces of furniture in the office that weren't functional.
2. I didn't have a smart filing system for everything
3. There was no place to put all of my stuff - most of my stuff never had a real home.
Jen Swendiman from Really Neat Solutions helped me get my butt in gear! She set me up with a filing system that was EASY for me to use. Work smart, not hard. It used to take me 5-8 minutes just to file a client's contract. Now, it takes me seconds. She also made sure that everything I needed to use frequently was within an arms reach and could be accessed without a lot of hassle. I could go on and on, but you'll just have to hire her yourself and find out!
So, if you recall (from a post not too long ago), this is what 'office' looked like. Honestly it was more of an 'afterthought' than anything else. The big desk in the corner wasn't even the one I used - I was working on the folding card table with two paper reams as my monitor stand. UGH!
THIS is what it looks like now! We have given away the sofa and the old desk and moved the filing cabinet to another room. Instead of big heavy desks, we got tables. We got bookshelves - which are FANTASTIC. They hold all of my stuff and the cute baskets hide it all!
This was one of the walls in the OLD office. This is an old radio from my grandparents, which is now in another room as well. While I think it is super cool (it has an 8track player and a turntable), it was not functional and took up a lot of space.
This is the same wall now. Yes, I have pictures of my daughter ALL OVER. I am crazy about her. My 'work space' is so much more inspiring now. Of course, I still need to order MORE pictures, but I will get to that.
A couple more views of this Expedit bookcase from IKEA.
This was my husband's work space BEFORE. Of course, I 'may' have added to the mess of his desk since I really didn't have one of my own :)
And this is his space now. He definitely needs pictures! Funny, he asked me if he could get some of 'our' pictures to put on his shelf. I said 'Ummm. What pictures would those be?' He said 'Don't we have any pictures of US?' ..... Ummm. no. So, WHO wants to take pictures of me and my husband to hang in my house?? :)
Yes, it is safe to say that my mess sprawled out all over the office ...
Now, I am nice and tidy :)
I have to say that I LOVE being my new office. It feels so CHEERY in here!


Jeff Schaefer Photography said...

Looks great.
Love that floor and the rug.
I bet that couch was usually covered with stuff.

At least (I'm assuming) your office isn't also your meeting room, like mine. It forces me to keep it straigtened, but it's a pain. I'll post a pic on my blo... oh, never mind.

Barb Trimble said...

I was totally floored by your new office space when I saw it yesterday. Everything looks great! So much space and very functional. You know I will take your pics whenever you want.

Nicole said...

OMG! How awesome?!! I'm going to have to hire this lady for our "office". Great pics!

Amy said...

I love the piece of furniture below the window. Did that come from Ikea as well?

neysaruhl said...

First of all, Jeff, you need a blog! I know I've told you that before - :) YES, that couch was always covered with STUFF. It drove me mad! And, thank goodness, I don't meet with clients in my office. Only once in awhile do they end up in there.
Thank you Barb and Nicke! I totally love my new space!!!
Amy, yes, everything that we have in the office (even the office chairs) came from IKEA. That place ROCKS! The only things that were here before were the computers.

Janet said...

Me! Me! Pick me! I need to practice using my new camera anyway, eh? And thanks for the in-person tour of your new digs - it looks FABULOUS.

Carter's Corner said...

Neysa that office looks the shelving. Still haven't made it to Ikea. The new digs are beautiful. I want to hire this lady, but she would have to be here for a year in order to get ME organized. Love it...totally Y-O-U!!! Jess ;)

kemonty said...

I LOVE your new office, it's so organized!! I love the bookcase (and all the furniture). I'm looking for office furniture and have yet to go to IKEA. I love their stuff!!

I was thinking of going into that type of work--I love organization!! Haha.

Jamie Geise said...

WOW! What a transformation. Happy working :)