Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heather and Lon - Part II

Heather and Lon - Part II
So, as usual, I picked a few of my favorite photos from the wedding to highlight.
The window light backlighting the flowers and the vibrant colors really make this photo. I thought it was fantastic ...
I *heart* veils :)
Does anyone else see the heart in this next photo?
Again with the window light. There is nothing like natural light like this to create a wonderful mood.
This photo of Heather ... what can I say? I absolutely love it. And throw in the fact that her pink shoes are peeking out from under her dress ...
This is a shot of the couple seeing each other before the ceremony. What I think I like the most about this one is the composition of the photo (that coupled with the fact that these two are such an adorable couple).
A quiet moment after the ceremony ...
The first dance 'flare' :)
And this next one might be entered in a contest. It makes me smile EVERY time I look at it. The couple was cutting the cake and these kids just could NOT wait to have some!
Did I mention how animated this couple was? Love Heather's expression.
I followed the cake into the kitchen and I like this 'behind the scenes' shot of it getting cut up to serve.
The boys ... just a fun shot at the reception of a bunch of Lon's buddies.
Click below to see more images in their slideshow.


KMP said...

Simply, fabulous! Always a joy working with you!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!