Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today I spent the day with my husband and thousands of other firefighters from all over the world to honor the lives of Capt. Robin Broxterman and Firefighter Brian Schira. As most of you know, my husband is a firefighter and all I can say is, this hit a lot of us very close to home.
The ceremony was wonderful and the turnout was amazing. It truly brought tears to my eyes to see all of the support from other firefighters and from our own community. There were people from New York, Canada, Maine, Indianapolis, Kentucky, and all of the surrounding areas of the tri-state.
I can't say enough good things about all of these heros who risk their lives everyday to keep the rest of us safe. I can't imagine doing what they do so selflessly.
I just want to say that I am a HUGE fan of each and every one of them and I thank them on the deepest level and with my whole heart.


Anonymous said...

Hi Neysa,
Thanks for a wonderful shout-out to our FF's. Mike was there with his honor guard, I had to stay home to wait for the kids but Local 12 gave wonderful coverage. I cried all day. We lost a FF 10 years ago and it brought it all back. God bless them all!
Janice Harris
(Bethany turned me onto your site and I just love to see what you do!!)

Jeff Schaefer Photography said...

I bet the procession was powerful.

I think a lot of people get the impression that suburban firefighters don't face the dangers that the downtown guys do in big buildings and warehouses. In reality, modern homes are more dangerous than ever with thin materials and as much glue as nails.

My thanks go to your husband and you.

By the way, I was at Ault for an e-session Sunday morning. Too bad I missed you.


neysaruhl said...

Great to hear from you. I definitely didn't make it through without a tear. It is not an easy thing to witness.

thank you for the wonderful words. I agree that most people don't think about this sort of thing happening in the 'burb, but unfortunately, as we've seen, it can.

Ault Park was so beautiful, I'm hoping to get a few more engagement shoots in while everything is in bloom.


mtkcreations said...


I've been thinking about you and your husband these past few days. Know that the firefighting "family" around the world is in my thoughts and prayers. And know that Mike and the rest of your friends at the Sheriff's Department are thinking of you as well.