Monday, April 7, 2008

That 'walking shot'

I have gotten more than a few emails about this 'walking shot' I did at my last engagement shoot downtown. I didn't realize it was going to be so popular :) So, I thought I would just answer everyone on the blog. Everyone is wanting to know if it was done in Photoshop or if it was done in camera. Well, here's the answer. It was done in camera. I simply slowed down my shutter speed and 'followed them as they walked out into the street. When you do a 'panning or motion blur' shot like this, you have to be ready to get some 'bad images' as well. This was one of 7-8 that I tried. I figured since they weren't to the spot where I wanted to do the 'real shot' yet, I'd just play a little while I was waiting.
Here is the shot SOOC (straight out of camera) ...
And here is the shot after I PS'd it. I do have to preface this by saying that I almost never crop an image in PS (less than 5% of the time), but since I was up in a building and had to shoot from so far away, I did in this case.
Tomorrow I'll have more pics from the engagement shoot I had last night.

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david & kimi baxter said...

i LOVED LOVED LOVED that shot!!!