Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dress for Success

I started my day today by attending a Dress for Success breakfast. I was excited to learn more about this organization and all that it entails. I can honestly say that I had a very shallow view of what they provided to women of all ages and backgrounds.
I found out that they pride themselves on providing women with the skills (through a mulitude of classes, seminars and meetings) and self-esteem necessary to enter the workforce and remain in the workforce - stressing job retention. They had a couple of women speak who have used their services and the services provided by the Professional Women's Group (PWG). It brought tears to my eyes hearing all that they had been through and the positive changes that Dress for Succes has made in their lives.
It was a truly amazing morning and I encourage everyone to read more about this organization.
Click here to go to their website and read about the different programs they offer.

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