Monday, April 21, 2008

I almost forgot

I almost forgot to post today...
So, in light of everyone thinking that I just sit around all day just waiting on the phone to ring. Here is what I did today starting at 7:30 am:
1. Put together boxes for the new bookcases
2. Burned 5 DVDs from my last wedding to give to the couple
3. Burned and mailed an engagement CD
4. Proofed and edited my last family session
5. Made cute little labels/tags for the boxes I put together earlier in the day
6. Did 4 loads of laundry
7. Made dinner
8. Answered all email that required responses (12 total)
9. Set up 2 meetings to meet with clients for next year's weddings
10. Put together a 20x30 collage and 2-10x20 collages for a past wedding client
11. Uploaded images to my online ordering site from an engagement session
12. Ordered engagement photos for upcoming weddings to display
13. Put together CD/DVD wallets that came in today
14. Did backups from recent sessions
Tonight I have a meeting and then I'm going to start proofing/editing another engagement session from the weekend.
Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post for you guys tomorrow.

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