Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Q and A:

Q: What are some of your thoughts about finding the wedding photographer that is right for you and your wedding?

A: First and foremost, I recommend MEETING your photographer. I cannot stress enough how important it is to find someone who you are comfortable working with. Keep in mind that your photographer is the only vendor who will be with you the WHOLE day. They will see things, and be involved in, very intimate moments. If you are uncomfortable with your photographer, it will show in your images.

I also remind people that since photography is an art, the artist can't help but pour some of themselves into their work. So make sure you find a photographer who will represent your wedding day the way you want it portrayed. Two photographers can shoot the exact same wedding with images that 'feel' completely different.

Q: What is your photography style?

A: If I have to sum it up, I would say that my style is 'documentary'. I like to tell the STORY of your wedding day. This means I shoot in a documentary style throughout the wedding day, but also am sure to include some wonderful, relaxed portraits of the couple, families and wedding party. In my opinion, there are two extreme styles of photography. One being the true photojournalist and the other being the traditional photographer (for lack of another label). I am somewhere in between ... leaning much more toward the photojournalistic side. I enjoy all styles of photography - that just goes along with being in love with your trade.

Q: How would you sum up your processing style?

A: Vintage Romantic - I love old stuff. I still include 'normal coloring' when presenting images to my clients, but I *heart* vintage.

Q: Who took the photo of you on your website?

A: One of my good friends from college who is also a wedding photographer of sorts. He shoots a few weddings a year. He said he likes that photo of me because I have 'happy eyes'. He was over at my house on one of his visits and was playing with my camera. I was actually looking and smiling at my husband when this photo was taken.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about photographing weddings?

A: The people. That one is easy. I fall in love with every one of my clients. They are all so unique and I love capturing their relationship.

Q: What is one thing you tell all of your clients?

A: I always remind my clients to make sure their wedding reflects who they are. I have heard of some brides who end up doing what everyone else says they are 'supposed' to do for the wedding and forget that this is about THEM, not everyone else. If you don't know why you are doing something or why it is important to you ... then maybe you should re-evaluate doing it at all.

Q: What is one of your favorite new 'trends' with weddings?

A: I have a couple actually. The first one is the men of honor. I LOVE this idea. I know so many girls whose best friend is a male. Why wouldn't you want him right beside you on your wedding day? The other has to do with receptions. I have seen some brides who don't just hire a DJ for the night anymore. They are finding hidden talents among their guests and having a 'skit night'. Where the entertainment for the evening is a SHOW. I love this idea. Honorable mention goes to those who hire comedians, dancers, or have karaoke for entertainment.

Q: Do you work exclusively with any other vendors in the area?

A: Nope. I have a few that I recommend to people. These are people that I have enjoyed working with and think they have a fantastic product. I do not receive any kind of kickback from anyone. I think referrals should come from the heart.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing Neysa! I miss you and hope to see you soon!

neysaruhl said...

Thanks, Jamie!

I would love to see you guys again!! Keep in touch. I love hearing from you!

kemonty said...

We love you Neysa! As I've told you many times...it was fate that brought us together, you are exactly what we were looking for!! Haha...but seriously!

By the way, your new blog makes me post as kemonty...but it's Karen U

neysaruhl said...

'kemonty' ... hmmm. Trying to figure out what that means. I get the monty part ... what is the e?

I feel the same way. I think things happen for a reason.
How's the house hunting going? There are still a few houses for sale in our neighborhood :)