Friday, January 18, 2008

Brittany and Jacob

Brittany and Jacob

Although I didn't get to photograph Brittany and Jacob's wedding in Gatlinburg, TN, I did get to photograph their reception back here in the Cin-City! I loved that we got to go out and shoot some portraits of the two of them ... but it was FREEZING outside. Brittany was such a trooper! I can't believe she was out there with NO coat on!

I decided to post more portrait-style photos from this day ... but, first, the cake!

Yes, in the middle of our shoot ... Jacob takes a phone call ... men!
I love this next photo ... it still makes me laugh!
Miss Brittany looking fabulous!

I told the guys when I took this photo that I thought it might be one of my favorite 'guy' shots ever. They thought I was just saying that ... but, as it turns out, I was right! I love it. I even like the darkness of it ... adds to the mood.
Their favors were in these adorable little paper boxes ...
A first dance shot ...
Brittany and Jacob ... I wish you a lifetime of happiness! I know I have already told you this about 20 times ... but I really really really (get the picture?) enjoyed working with you two!
A big thank you goes out to Karen, who I believe had just as much fun as I did!


KMP said...

See? You can do flare. Love all of those. Yes, I did have as much fun as you did - I'll post a few on my blog soon.

Janet said...

Neysa, you sure know how to make a Mother cry...the cake picture was wonderful, but by the time I got to the second picture the tears were flowing. Thank you for making this day so special for Brittany and Jacob. You are a sweetheart and a dream to work with and on top of that a fabulous photographer!! Best Wishes to you in all your endeavors....Janet, the Mother of the Bride

neysaruhl said...

Janet -
Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I am tearing up just reading it!

You have such a beautiful daughter (inside and out) and now a wonderful son-in-law to complete the package! You are truly blessed.

It was an absolute pleasure!

Barb Trimble said...

I love that cake picture! The image of the guys is a great one too.