Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January PDO - Angie

Here are a few photos of our first model, Angie. The first photo is the lighting that we were practicing. Tim calls it the 'superhero' lighting - a nice rim light with a soft light on the face. I love the lighting effect although I think I'll have to practice a bit more. The light on the Angie's right cheek is a bit too bright.
And, because I LOVE flare ... I HAD TO ... (this was SO not the lighting we were supposed to be practicing ... I just couldn't help myself)
Here was our basic 2 light w/reflector portrait setup. I think the shot looks great.
Then we played a bit with some natural light shots. And, just a side note, when there is a red wall near you during a shoot ... you SHOOT IT. It was screaming to us.
This was shot while using the up/down lighting setup. In this case (downlighting), this was lit from high above. It has some nice moodiness.
And this was the 'uplighting' shot from the same setup with the light coming from below.
Tim had another 'station' set up for some dramatic spotlighting and 'darkening' of the background. To put this in perspective, it was pretty evenly lit inside the bar and that backwall was as well.
And some more natural lighting shots I took.
I will be posting photos from the other two models in the next couple of days. A BIG thank you to all of them for volunteering for the PDO.
If you are interesting in being a model for one of these PDOs, please email me (from my website) so I can put you on the invitation list. We will be attempting to do one every month. You do not have to be a professional model for these shoots (since we are all there to learn), you just have to be comfortable in front of a camera (and at least 18 years of age) and willing to volunteer your time in exchange for photos. We only take a few models for each PDO so respond early if you're interested.
Another BIG HUGE thank you to The Avenue (in Covington on Madison Ave) for allowing us to invade their amazing venue for an entire day!


timwilking said...

Excellent shots! My favs are:
- Flare shot (even though you cheated on the lighting setup)
- Reflection shot

Although, I also like the darkened background and natural light shadows from the window frame.

Angie was a trooper and so great to work with!

Aneesa said...

Love the natural lighting photos!