Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Kyle senior session was one of my favorites. We had some 'fab' locations to shoot. First we headed out to a barn ...

And then we headed over to a place with a lot of 'rusty, crusty stuff' - as my mom calls it. And, as we all know ... I love 'rusty, crustly'! It makes for some great backdrops.
And, in true, 'man' form, Kyle wanted a picture with his TRUCK. And I mean T-R-U-C-K. This thing was HUGE. I decided to try and do something 'different' from the typical 'guy-in-front-of-his-truck' shot and moved him away from it.
Then I seperated them by having him face in the opposite direction of the truck ... I like the juxtaposition of it. Loved the effect and the shot.
I had a great time shooting with you, Kyle. Thanks for being so easy to work with and I hope you have a great senior year!

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