Monday, August 3, 2009

Lillian: the 1 month session

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph little Lillian at 1 month. She had a full head of hair and the most beautiful big eyes!

So sweet!!

I had a 'bodyguard' while I was there. Apparently, he was in charge of the baby and he took his job VERY seriously :)

TOE PEAS!!! (my girlfriend calls them toe peas because they look like little peas)

See? My every move was monitored ...

Lillian let us know that she had had JUST about enough of the photo shoot ... but we didn't really listen.

I love how she held her fingers - kids learn sign language at such an early age these days!

And then ... she really WAS done with the session ... so I packed up my bags and went on my way.

Lillian, I had such a great time with you ... you are such an angel and we'll have to get together for another play date soon :)


amo said...

Love the Lily pics! She is seriously one of the cutest babies around. You did a fantastic job.

neysaruhl said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my work ... and, yes, Lily is absolutely ADORABLE! Have you done their announcements yet? :) I'd love to see!

Lisa said...

Thanks again Neysa, we love them!

I was having too much fun with Lily and never got around to coordinating announcements. Looks like it may just be Christmas cards now :)