Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vintage ...

Vintage style
If you have a love of vintage (like a couple of my brides this year), finding a vintage-inspired dress can be a daunting task. I went out today to see what I could find. One of the best things about weddings today is ... they are all so unique. Every bride has her own twist. One of the trends nowadays is wearing a wedding dress that isn't necessarily from the bridal section. Here are a few I found:
This next one would be perfect for a spring or summer outdoor wedding. I am picturing a nice full bouquet of peonies in a pale pink. Some fun vintage jewelry and hair in a soft updo with ballerina flats.
Or if hollywood glamour is your 'thing', this next dress would look fabulous with some long dangling rhinestone earrings, a great pair of high heels and pin curls.
and did I mention that the back is just as beautiful as the front?
For the 1920's flapper girl, here is a wonderful gown with some beatiful beading. This would look great with a birdcage veil (pic below) and some hollywood pin curls
For the grecian goddess ... Ummmm. Can I just say that the draping on this dress is FANTASTIC! Quite glamorous.
Wow. The back is amazing .... remember, people see you coming AND going.
Also stunning ...
I love the silhoutte of this dress. Especially for a bridesmaid dress. I'm not so crazy about the fact that it is velvet, but I love the style and cut. Very classic.
And the color? Seafoam green, of course!

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Jasmine Marie said...

I love love love vintage dresses. (too bad they're so expensive!)

Love the first one. Super cute.