Thursday, March 27, 2008

Roadtrip Day 2 - part 2

Ok ... so this is the last batch of photos I took from the weekend trip. Our last day was taken up mostly with our walk, but when we got back, we decided to help clean up the yard a bit - which means ... everyone else helped carry things to our burn pile while I photographed it :) I am SO helpful.
And here are just some more random shots taken while wandering around the lot ...
As soon as I started to photograph this next 'thing' ... my mom came over and said "I just KNEW you were going to love that!" Of course I do .. it is rusty/crusty!
Ok folks that is it from the weekend. We now return you to you regularly scheduled programs.


OlgaGil said...

You took my pictures a couple of weeks ago for Cincy Chic and ever since then I've been looking at your photo blogs. I absolutely love your work! I'm probably on here every day just to see what new pics you've put up.


neysaruhl said...

I remember you! I'm so glad you are enjoying the photographs! And thank you for leaving me a comment. I love seeing who is out there!
Let me know if you ever need to get pics for your portfolio. You are dream to photograph!