Sunday, March 9, 2008

Annie and Ryan

Annie and Ryan
My second engagement shoot of 2008 (at some point, I will quit counting)!
Yes it was, shot in, what will become known as, the 'blizzard of '08'. We were crazy enough to head out in the snowstorm to do Annie and Ryan's engagement shoot! They were in town from Scottsdale, AZ and who knew they would be in for such a treat!
I hadn't met Annie or Ryan until Friday. She hired me 'site unseen', but when we talked on the phone, it was like talking to a friend I've had my whole life. I absolutely loved her!
Here are a few shots from our session ...
a nice little silhouette...
We stopped here to take some photographs and the swan from across the pond came right over to us. I wish I had thought to bring some food! Maybe next time.
This next shot, is another favorite because I love the feeling that I am peeking around the corner at them. That they have no idea I am there. And I love the leading line in the wall that points straight to them.
I just love how Annie and Ryan were together. Totally into each other and absolutely adorable!
Annie and Ryan have such great smiles. Their faces just light up ... I love it.
Probably my favorite of the day ...
the ring shot ...
Then we had a snowball fight! This next picture makes me laugh OUT LOUD every time I look at it!
But don't worry ... Annie got him back! I like this photo because you can see she is molding her snowball for the attack!
I had such a blast with you two! I am so glad we braved the weather for your shoot!


timwilking said...

Cool shots (pun intended)! I like the silhouette in the tunnel.

His red scarf and her red turtleneck really help the snow shots "pop."

As always, great work!

kemonty said...

I love the silhouette's so timeless. And her coat is super cute too!

neysaruhl said...

Boy you guys are up early!!!
First of all, I love getting comments! And I love that you two give me feedback on your favorite images and why you like them. It really is great to hear.

N said...

ROCK'IN shoot! Love every single one of these images.


Barb Trimble said...

What a fun shoot! My favorites are the one with the swam and the one right before the ring shot.

Jeff Schaefer Photography said...

I love #7, 8 and 10. #8 is my favorite of those three because the pose is more romantic and dramatic. It’s the red highlight in an almost monochromatic image that makes these so pleasing.
(Not to discredit the composition, blurred and compressed background, and posing.)
Great job!

david & kimi baxter said...

okay i can't say i'm jealous of your snow, but i'm totally jealous of the INCREDIBLE images you get with it!! what an awesome session!

neysaruhl said...

Yes, the snow does have some endearing qualities - ha!

And I agree that the scarf and red sweater add to the photos.

Thanks for the comments guys!

Jeanette said...

GORGEOUS! Ever since Kelly and Brett Cassidy's photos went up I have come to your site often to check out your beautiful work. These in the snow are amazing and delightful! I second (third? fourth) the comment about the sihouette shot. I love all the snow in mid-air, flakes and snowballs both. All of these stand on their own and together they are a blast to look at. I hope I get engagement shots that beautiful one day!

neysaruhl said...

Thank you so much for leaving that wonderful comment!

Kelly and Brett's wedding was so beautiful. They are such an amazing couple.


Jeanette said...

My pleasure! And, yes, they are an amazing couple. J

Ms. Sparks said...

Neysa, your work is so unbelievable. I swear I am almost moved to tears when I look at these photos! My "honey" and I are so excited for our (upcoming...??)engagement, then you can capture our happiness the way only you can. Just beautiful!!!

neysaruhl said...

Ummmmm. Jamaica maybe???

OMG! Keep me posted on the possible engagement!!!!