Wednesday, June 25, 2008



I had a photoshoot with an amazing lady last week. She owns a company called Naugi and makes jewelry and hair accessories ('art'). Her work is absolutely amazing! They were looking to get some shots with the jewelry on models to add to their site so that their customers could get an idea of size and placement of some of the pieces.

I wanted to share some of the images with you ...

If you are looking for something unique and beautiful for your wedding (or for any special day), check out

I asked her if she worked with a lot of Cincinnati customers and she said that the bulk of her business came from California and New York ... I think we should change that!

I would like for her biggest fans to be from her hometown! I have added her site to my 'Vendors I Love' list on the right -hand side of my blog.

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david & kimi baxter said...

absolutely stunning images!!!