Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feels like forever ....

since I have had a chance to sit down in front of my computer and work on images. It feels like I have been shooting forever and not had time to actually WORK any of the images. So, that is exactly what I'll be doing all week this week. I only have one shoot scheduled and I am looking forward to getting some PS work done. Believe it or not, I really enjoy working on my wedding images. I know there are some photographers out there who enjoy shooting, but leave the post processing to someone else. For me, I have always told my clients that when I make a photograph, from the moment I press the shutter release, I know exactly what I want the image to look like in 'post'. Whether that be a contrasty black and white, an antique-effect, or a super saturated color photo. I don't know if it is because I have control issues that I can't give that up or if it is simply because I find it difficult to expect someone else to know what I was thinking when I made the shot. It doesn't really matter because I haven't handed this work off to anyone else. I still do my own work. I always tell people that when you hire me ... you get me behind the camera as well as behind the computer. And from as far as I can, it will be that way for a long time.
On a separate note, I hope that everyone enjoyed the day with their fathers. And to all of the dads out there "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY"!!

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