Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Turbo Jam

I asked my daughter to make sure I got onto a workout regiment this summer. Mostly because I am tired of being a blob. Apparently she took the challenge VERY seriously. I have been 'forced' to do workout videos DAILY. Oh yeah, I said it, D-A-I-L-Y and the video of choice (hers) is Turbo Jam. Now if you are an infomercial junkie like I am .. you have seen the amazing results you get from this workout - ha! We'll see. Anyway, the only time of day I have to 'work out' is at the CRACK of DAWN .... which means that
is what I am faced with every morning.
Scary isn't it?
Is it 'right' for someone to be so over-the-top cheery at such an hour?
no, I don't think so either. Wish me luck.


Aneesa said...

Best of luck! I've heard Turbo Jam is like Zumba...which I LOVE! My mom and take it several times a week, one of which is 6am Monday mornings. I have Mondays off this summer, and love Zumba so much that I'm getting up early just to take it!

david & kimi baxter said...

rock it out!!!! we've decided to deblobbify ourselves too!

Jamie Geise said...

Ha, Ha! I wish I had your motivation. Best of luck with the joyful lady on the video, she is a little over the top :) It is like Aneesa said, like Zumba, which I LOVE as well! Before I had Trent I took Zumba, but I took it at night. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Please post photos of you dancing around in the mornings like a goofball with your bedhead and wearing your pajamas.

Thanks, Zil