Friday, February 1, 2008


Before I get to the next set of pics from the PDO, I wanted to make mention of what exactly a 'PDO' is. I have gotten a lot of emails from people about it. So, I thought I would explain a little more.
PDO stands for Photographer's Day Out.
It is an opportunity for us 'photogs' to get together and try out new things and learn from each other. This is the first year we have introduced models to our PDOs and the first session of the year was fantastic. If you volunteer (which a lot of people have in the last few days) to be a model, please keep in mind that first and foremost it is a learning experience for the photographers. So, we will have certain things that we will be practicing/learning each month. Therefore, we are choosing the shots we need to get to learn a certain technique. Also, since I am in 'charge' of getting models for the next few months, in order to model for us, you have to be a current or past client of mine. This can be any type of client (wedding, model, etc...). It is good for me to know a little bit about you before working with you in a 'learning' environment.
Ok ... onto the photos!
Here are a few of Toni's pics from our PDO. This first one is the 'spotlight' technique that Tim set up.
As we were working with the 'spotlight' technique ... this AMAZING natural light came out of nowhere and bounced up off the floor to give us this ...
This next one is my shot of Toni in the natural light from the leaded glass windows ...
Next I got to practice a little 'light balancing' There was natural light pouring in from the right and I used a bounce light on the left to balance everything out.
Same setup ... but closer
Here is one of Toni's other natural light photos ... we loved the way her hair bounced and popped off the red background ... what a great expression!
This last photo was taken with my 'homemade dishpan reflector' .... since I haven't been able to find an engineered or mass produced one on the market. If anyone knows of one ... please send me a link! It needs to be for a speedlight and not studio lights.
That is it for today ... whew! The last model's pics will be up shortly.

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Love the red wall photo!