Monday, February 11, 2008

Rob and Big

Doesn't everyone have a show that they watch that is kind of their 'secret'? Most of the shows I enjoy on TV are all pretty cohesive with who I am and what I like ... but there is this one that I LOVE that sticks out from all the rest: ROB AND BIG

photo borrowed from MTV

My husband started watching this show last year and one night asked if I wanted to watch it with him. I'll be honest (I mean, come on!, look at the picture above??), I rolled my eyes. BUT I sat down anyway - it was only and hour long and we could fast-forward through the commercials which really makes it like a half hour show. TOTALLY hooked! I love these two. We now have a 'season pass' on our DVR.

Anyone else have a show like this on their DVR??? Or am I the only one who wants to 'come out'??? Leave me a comment and tell me what YOUR 'closet' show is! I'd love to hear ... maybe I'll start watching a new one based on the responses...


the ruffhouse said...

Sadly, I Tivo "Days of Our Lives" every day. I've watched faithfully since I was five - growing up, we took summer lunch breaks on the farm around it! I even scheduled my college classes so I'd have a break at 12:30 every day for my show. Honestly, who could turn it off when Marlena's eyes turned green??

neysaruhl said...

That cracks me up! You are the second person that I've met who watches soaps every day!

Nicke, if you're reading this ... then please know - I'm talking about you!