Monday, December 29, 2008



So, what was your favorite gift this holiday?
Well, I'm glad you asked ... I got a Flip!

It is a camcorder that is the size of a cell phone and records video in HD. I am carrying it around with me EVERYWHERE.

No one is safe ;)

So, now I want to know ...

what did you get this Christmas?


Annie said...

I got one too!!! Don't you just LOVE it?!

Aviva Events said...

Ahh, me too! I love it. It's gone with me everywhere since the day I got it, but I keep forgetting to use it! :)

Happy Holidays, Neysa!

jamie said...

That is so great! I did not get one, but I did get a ring with Trent's birthstone and every girls best friend, diamonds.! Gotta love my husband!