Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Taryn and Lee's Wedding

Taryn and Lee's Wedding
So, I am finally getting around to post more photos from Lee and Taryn's 'butterfly' wedding. I loved that Taryn and Lee really made the wedding unique to them. I truly enjoyed every minute of working with this fabulous couple. They both have such warm hearts and are absolutely perfect for each other.
Here are a few of my favorites from their big day ...
This first one I shot Taryn's reflection in the mirror that was sitting on the makeup counter. It turned out just the way I was hoping it would.
I love how bright Taryn's eye is in this shot of her getting her hair curled ...
She brought her magazine shots with her so that her hairstylist would know what she wanted her hair to look like ...
I love this shot of Taryn writing her thank you cards to everyone who helped out with the wedding ...
Technically I believe Taryn is this little one's 'auntie' ...
The bouquets and flowers were all done by the FABULOUS Courtenay Lambert. If you haven't met with her yet, book a consultation! She is fabulous. I loved the bouquet and table decorations! (and Courtenay, if you are reading this, I will send you some pictures).
See??? BEA-utiful!!!
This next shot is when Lee arrived. Note the beer being held out for him!
This is the surprise bouquet Lee got for Taryn. He also had a card for her - such a wonderful sentiment.
I liked this detail shot of the dress ...
This is a shot of Taryn's friend helping to fasten her dress ... we just had some fantastic light!
Taryn getting her sash on ...
Great shoes!!!
Now this one 'might' be my favorite of the day. I don't know. It is a tough decision. I loved so many of their images. But this one has a lot of elements working for it. Great light, great veil, and WIND! Oh yeah, and good composition, and angle and capture (sorry, I had to give myself SOME credit :) )
Taryn is a huge butterfly fan and so the cake was adorned with the winged beauties.
This is an interesting shot. You have to look at it for awhile to SEE what you're 'seeing'. Right? It is a shot of Lee's dad talking to Lee's mom and you can see Lee through his dad's glasses. I totally dig it. This is just a 'cool' shot - and surprisingly hard to get in the blink of an eye (which is about all the time I had).
These next three - I love the ring bearer!!
You know the part of the ceremony where the pastor says 'Do you Lee take Taryn ... ?"
Well, this one looks like he's thinking .. 'Do you??'
Toward the end of the ceremony, the butterflies in the room really started to get active and they were everywhere. Here is one on the best man's shoulder! One landed on my head too! I wonder if anyone got a picture of the one sitting on my head while I was shooting?
This is a super cute shot of Taryn bumping elbows with her grandpa as she walks back down the aisle. It just shows how fun their relationship is and reminds me of me and my grandpa :)
Seriously, could they be any happier?
Lee's dad has a chuckle during his speech at the reception ...
The speeches were extremely touching and got very emotional for everyone. I love it when the speeches really come from the heart and both of these DID!
This last shot ....
the best man had just cracked a joke during his speech. And I 'guarantee you' this little guy did NOT get the joke, but I LOVE the fact the was laughing anyway because everyone else was.
I think he thought that's what you were supposed to do and he didn't want to be left out.
It just made me smile! So cute!
Click HERE
to see a slideshow with more of their images.
Taryn and Lee, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to photograph such an important event in both of your lives.


Heather said...

Love the veil shot! Very nice.

neysaruhl said...

Thanks, Heather, that was one of my faves! But then I think we have already established that you and I are a lot alike!!