Friday, May 9, 2008

Mya and Micayla

I met Mya at a wedding I shot in Boston last summer. She is such a cutie! She even held out her hand for a handshake when I walked up to them. This time I got to meet her beautiful big sister, Micayla. They have such a wonderful relationship and it was so fun to watch them together.
I decided to post a few of the images that I did a more 'fine art effect' to this time. I don't always post them, but theirs were so perfect for it.
Micayla is such a natural in front of the camera.
Dad brought bubbles ... always a HIT.
Micayla showing off her 'mad' gymnastics skills!
Mya checking me out ...
I have this next shot set as the background on my computer right now :) I love it.
Girls, I had a great time with you!

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Barb Trimble said...

I love the affects you used. The image with the water fountain is great!