Thursday, June 25, 2009

Henry and Oliver: the spring session

Henry and Oliver: the spring session
I met Henry and Oliver for the first time this spring for their session. I had done some photos for their mom's friend awhile ago and she kept saying she really wanted some of her boys too! So, she finally made the call. I had such a good time chasing these two around their grandparent's yard. They definitely kept me on my toes!

Is this little face precious or what???

Curious George fruit snacks are the bestest ever!
love his tongue sticking out!

love this shot!

Boys, I definitely had a good time! Next year, same time????


Jacqueline said...

Neysa - we had a great time. Thanks for the wonderful pictures of our little guys!!! I've already had others ask about your photos, so don't be surprised if you get some calls.

neysaruhl said...

Thanks Jackie! I had a great time with your family!