Monday, March 30, 2009

Lauer and Stephen's engagement

Lauer and Stephen's engagement

Lauer and Stephen found me through some friends whose wedding's I had photographed in the past as well as some that I am photographing this year. I met with Lauer and absoloutely adored her. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. I didn't get to meet Stephen until the engagement shoot and was just as impressed by him. He has such a fun personality ... full of humor that kept Lauer and I laughing the whole time. Without further ado ... here are some of my favorites from their session ...

I love Lauer's laugh ... it comes from deep down and just lights up her whole face!

We were out on a bright sunny day and I love the light on this one. They really popped off the background.

Stephen wanted a photograph with their church in the background ... and I chose to put up this one with the kiss. Mostly because I am a hopeless romantic :) I do love the way the steeple of the church is the highest point in the background.

I love the city in the background.

Nice light ...

a little backlighting ...

Lauer and Stephen, I can't wait for the wedding! It was such fun working with you two!

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