Friday, January 8, 2010

Holly and Dan: the engagement

Holly and Dan: the engagement

When Holly emailed me about photographing her wedding this March, I wasn't too sure about photographing a wedding in early March. It was usually my time off. Then I noticed that she signed off her email with "Cheers, Holly". That is exactly the way I end my emails! Well, that coupled with the fact that their wedding was going to be at the French House - one of my favorite places to photograph weddings made it official ... I HAD to work with her! As if all of that wasn't enough ... when I met Holly and Dan for the first time ... I was SOLD.

L.O.V.E. them!

Their engagement session was super fun. First we wandered around Northside ...

Their baby, Girl.

After Northside, we went around the corner to Mt. Storm.

Holly and Dan ... I think it goes without saying that I cannot wait for your wedding!!!


Cara said...

Your Alive!!!!I think I about pee'd my pants when i saw you updated!!!! and then i got to the bottom of this post and 2 of them....don't hurt yourself ;-)

nanno said...

I love these! what a fun looking couple.
Beautiful work as always.

emilie inc. said...

Neysa! I love this!!! Stunning. Simply stunning.

neysaruhl said...

Thank you so much ladies! You rock! Now if I could just get the rest of September up! Ha! Still very behind ... but my schedule is definitely opening up so I am officially out of excuses :)